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Forum raises awareness for children

Mar 17 2017 12:48 PM

An important conversation that has expanded networks to action change to improve the mother-child bond of women with lived prison experience.

A big thank you to all of you who attended Every mother AND CHILD, a public forum to raise awareness of the most vulnerable people in our community – the children of women in prison.

The first conversation in South Australia to discuss these issues, criminalized women, advocates, government officials and lawyers contributed to a robust discussion before developing a plan of action that works towards improving the quality of life for women and their children during the prison experience.

A special thanks to our speakers:

  • Michael O’Connell, Commissioner for Victims’ Rights South Australia

  • Malcolm Robinson, Director: Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic

  • Cheryl Axelby, Chief Executive Officer Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement

  • Bernie McGinnes, Principal Advisor: Women Offenders Department for

    Correctional Services

  • Linda Fisk, Coordinator: Seeds of Affinity Pathways for Women Incorporated











I was pleased to have the opportunity to support an initiative which represented the work of women who are very much in need of gainful employment and the support which is derived from the group setting. I am aware from my own work of the benefits that the program has produced in the lives of women who have participated. - Greg Mead, Senior Counsel, Legal Services Commission of SA

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