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Have you had a parent in prison?

Mar 17 2017 12:48 PM

If you have had a parent in prison - or you know children who have - this is a call to action.

Seeds of Affinity is looking to give children (adult or otherwise) a voice.

All experiences are unique. However we know all children are voiceless in the system and more needs to be done to improve their experiences and life opportunities.

This is unlikely to happen unless children speak out about their experiences. If you can lend a hand, this would be greatly appreciated. In the short term, we need three or four people (adults and/or youth) to join us in our advocacy initiative and media campaign 'Every Woman and Child'.

This is also an opportunity to share your experiences and suggest ways of further supporting children.

Please email (attention 'Every woman and child'). We acknowledge this is a very sensitive area. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Thank you for the beautiful gift baskets which the women involved in the Seeds of Affinity project have been making. We used them as presentation gifts at our United Against Domestic Violence Conference and they were greatly appreciated. This is the third time that we have used these products and the quality and presentation are always remarked upon. - Diana Lockwood, Chair, Soroptimist International Torrens

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