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Seeds News - Issue 3 December 2018

Read our latest newsletter for some insight into what has been a very busy year at Seeds!

SOA Newsletter Dec 2018

Australian of the Year Awards 2017

Mar 17 2017 12:48 PM

Linda Fisk is announced State Finalist in Australia's Local Hero category 2017

As Seeds of Affinity turns 10 years old, co-founder Linda Fisk is announced State Finalist in Australia's Local Hero category 2017.

Devoted to helping other women turn their lives around after leaving prison Linda welcomes women at Seeds of Affinity with sincerity, a safe place to share their experiences or a meal, take part in education programs and regain a sense of place, purpose and self-esteem. 

'I was flabbergasted that I was a finalist,' Linda says.

'I don't see myself as helping women, more walking alongside them.

'I think it has given them hope to see someone that has been where they've been, successfully reintegrate into he community and thrive.

'Being a part of Seeds has meant everything to me. It has allowed me to have an authentic identity that I can be proud of. 

'Women are my passion and I will work towards freedom and equality for all, for the remainder of my life.

'I am most proud of the women. The growth I have seen in women that were broken upon release from prison is an inspiration. I am also very proud of the organisation and its values.

'This work must continue and become broader because every women deserves to reach her full potential and there are some things that only another criminalised woman can understand." says Linda.

Read more at Australian of the Year Awards and see more images of the night on our Facebook page.







I was pleased to have the opportunity to support an initiative which represented the work of women who are very much in need of gainful employment and the support which is derived from the group setting. I am aware from my own work of the benefits that the program has produced in the lives of women who have participated. - Greg Mead, Senior Counsel, Legal Services Commission of SA

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