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Surviving home detention was written by the women of Seeds of Affinity who have recent successful experience serving bail and Home Detention (Home D) as part of a sentence.

It is written for women but is also useful for families, friends and support services.

This guide is to help women on home detention understand:

Download PDF Surviving home detention



When mum goes to prison was written to help children who might feel sad, frightened or confused when their mother goes to prison.

This guide is to help children understand:

Download PDF When mum goes to prison



Agency Day Flyer



Women in prison

Addressing women's victimisation histories in custodial settings  (Australian Institute of Family Studies)

Sisters Inside


Accommodation Services

Catherine House


Health studies/services

Women's Health Statewide

The health of Australian Prisoners (Australian Government Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012)

The health of Australian Prisoners (Australian Government Institute of Health and Welfare, 2015)

Drug and Alchohol Services South Australia


Aboriginal Australians in the Criminal Justice System

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement

Aboriginal Prisoners and Offenders Support Services


Social Service and Aboriginal Support Workers

Aboriginal Sobriety Group

Nunkuwarrin Yunti


Thank you for the beautiful gift baskets which the women involved in the Seeds of Affinity project have been making. We used them as presentation gifts at our United Against Domestic Violence Conference and they were greatly appreciated. This is the third time that we have used these products and the quality and presentation are always remarked upon. - Diana Lockwood, Chair, Soroptimist International Torrens

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