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Seeds of Affinity meet every Tuesday 11-3pm and Friday 12-3pm in the Uniting Church, 146 Semaphore Road, Exeter

At Seeds of Affinity, we support women and their children during the difficult transition of leaving prison and re-entering the community. 

We support Indigenous and non-Indigenous women by providing them with the opportunity to participate in group activities twice a week.

We make beauty products, gourmet treats and textiles, share a meal together and discuss ways to contribute meaningfully in the community by gaining skills, accessing support services and participating in the workforce.

Seeds of Affinity began in 2006 by a group of South Australian women with lived prison experience who were inspired to work together to challenge the ongoing stigmatisation faced by women leaving prison and their children, and to build a community where women felt a sense of belonging, solidarity and self worth.

The non profit organisation is well known for its skin care products and gourmet foods, promotional events and guest speaking.

Profits raised go towards funding further activities for Seeds women and women in prison.

At Seeds we:

We enjoy the sense of togetherness in the group. We remind ourselves and each other that we are unique and valuable human beings.

The group helps us to find pathways to be free, through hearing new ideas and exploring different perspectives.

Any criminalised woman is welcome at Seeds of Affinity. Different women have different needs. We each want to participate at different levels and in different ways.

We aim to provide credible support to all women, regardless of their needs. We want to help both ourselves and each other with our inner (emotional) development and our outer (practical) development.

We all have great potential to succeed in life. To realise our potential, we need practical support and opportunities to learn and grow.

We offer:

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We meet every Tuesday 11-3pm and Friday 12-3pm in the Uniting Church, 146 Semaphore Road, Exeter

Please contact us for more information.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to support an initiative which represented the work of women who are very much in need of gainful employment and the support which is derived from the group setting. I am aware from my own work of the benefits that the program has produced in the lives of women who have participated. - Greg Mead, Senior Counsel, Legal Services Commission of SA

Contact Us

Visit 146 Semaphore Road
Exeter SA 5109

Phone: 08 8242 7210


Open Tuesday 11-3pm and Friday 12-3pm